Papers for the Border #16 Has Landed

September 9, 2012 § 1 Comment

… and here is the playlist, featuring music by Horsebladder (Elaine Kahn); Emily Hay; Audrey Chen; Cabinet of Natural Curiosities (Jasmine Dreame Wagner)!

1. Pioneer ~ Horsebladder ~ Not I’ll Not (00:00)
2. Lashe ~ Horsebladder ~ Not I’ll Not (04:20)
3. Five Golden Rings ~ Horsebladder ~ Not I’ll Not (09:25)
4. Liturgy of Sound ~ Emily Hay ~ Like Minds (11:40)
5. Call to Unarm ~ Emily Hay ~ Like Minds (17:21)
6. Glacial ~ Audrey Chen ~ Glacial (26:20)
7. Glass ~ Cabinet of Natural Curiosities ~ Searchlight Needles (48:55)
8. Fabulist Decay ~ Cabinet of Natural Curiosities ~ Searchlight Needles (1:00:20)

  • Not I’ll Not was released on the Ecstatic Peace label in Sept 2011; you can click here for more information on the album and here for more information on Elaine Kahn’s writing (Customer, Radiant Bottle Caps) as well as her music.
  • Like Minds was released on the pfMENTUM label in 2005. Click here to find out more about Emily Hay.
  • Glacial was self-released in (or at least recorded in) 2007. Click on her name for more information about Audrey Chen.
  • Searchlight Needles was released on the For Arbors / For Satellites label in 2011. Click here for info on Cabinet of Natural Curiosities. Wagner also has a new book, Listening for Earthquakes, published by Caketrain Press.

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