Papers for the Border 13 ~ The Poetry Episode

May 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

Papers for the Border Episode #13 ~ The Poetry Episode.

The podcast can be downloaded or streamed from this URL:

  1. “Ice” ~ Anne Waldman ~Live in Amsterdam 6.2.91 (Soyo Records)
  2. (starts at 02:26) “Herso Mashup 1” ~ Susana Gardner*
  3. (starts at 03:22) “Good Directions” ~ Jen Hofer ~ Snake Hiss: A Transcendental Friend Audio Project (Transcendental Friend, 1999)
  4. (starts at 04:29) “A Pile of Trees and an Actuary” ~ Aaron Belz*
  5. (starts at 05:33) “Song for Asa” ~ Jon Raskin / Carla Harryman ~ Open Box (Tzadik, 2012)
  6. (starts at 11:14) Selections from Snips and War and Pee. ~ Rod Smith ~ Flarf Orchestra (Aerial/Edge, 2012)**
  7.  (starts at 19:54) “I Loved My Father” ~ Katie Degentesh ~ Flarf Orchestra (Aerial/Edge, 2012)**
  8. (starts at 23:12) “The Dog Fox” and selections from “The Gospel of Justin” ~ Michael Magee ~ Flarf Orchestra (Aerial/Edge, 2012)**
  9. (starts at 27:26)  “Drew Gardner” ~ Rodney Koeneke  Flarf Orchestra (Aerial/Edge, 2012)**
  10. (starts at 32:06) “Open Box II” ~ Jon Raskin / Carla Harryman ~ Open Box (Tzadik, 2012)
  11. (starts at 42:54) “Fish Speech” ~ Jon Raskin / Carla Harryman ~ Open Box (Tzadik, 2012)
  12. (starts at 47:58) “from OZ” ~ Ron Silliman
  13. (starts at 53:55) “from Bum Series” ~ Leslie Scalapino
  14. (starts at 58:42) “from Spoke” ~ Hannah Weiner (12-14 from Live at the Ear (Elemenope Productions, 1994)
  15. (starts at 1:04:19) “Excerpt from Phoneme Dance in Memoriam John Cage” ~ Jackson Mac Low & Anne Tardos ~ All Poets Welcome (Univ. of California Press, 2003)
  16. (starts at 1:08:21) “Hunt” ~ Marcella Durand ~ Snake Hiss: A Transcendental Friend Audio Project (Transcendental Friend, 1999)
  17. (starts at 1:10:08) “Who Are My Friends?” ~ David Antin ~ All Poets Welcome (Univ. of California Press, 2003)
  18. (starts at 1:13:16) “from Pieces of an Hour (‘Dear John Cage’)” ~ Anne Waldman with Steve Lacy ~ Battery (Fast Speaking Music, 2003)
  19. (starts at 1:17:46) “Stereo” ~ Anne Waldman ~ Alchemical Elegy (Fast Speaking Music, 2001)
  20. (starts at 1:21:49) “Herso Mashup II” ~ Susana Gardner*
  21. (starts at 1:23:51) “Mine” ~ Alvin Curran with Clark Coolidge ~ Maritime Rites (New World Records, 2004)
  22. (starts at 1:35:00) “Mr. Fibitz” ~ Aaron Belz*
  23. (starts at 1:36:35) “Stricken” ~ Heather Fuller ~ Snake Hiss: A Transcendental Friend Audio Project (Transcendental Friend, 1999)

*Recorded by the poets exclusively for Papers for the Border.

** Tracks 6-9, from the Flarf Orchestra CD, features music written and conducted by Drew Gardner. More information can be found here:

  • Anne Waldman’s “Ice,” also known as “You’re Like Ice,” was published in her book Journals and Dreams (Stonehill Press, 1976). It’s part of a larger poem titled “In April.” “Pieces of an Hour” was originally published in IOVIS: All Is Full of Jove (Coffee House Press, 1992) and republished in The Iovis Trilogy: Colors in the Mechanism of Concealment (Coffee House Press, 2011). “Stereo” was published in Marriage: A Sentence (Penguin, 2000).
  • Susana Gardner’s pieces are from her recent book HERSO: An Heirship in Waves (Black Radish Books, 2011).
  • Aaron Belz’s poems “A Pile of Trees and an Actuary” and “Mr. Fibitz” are from his book Lovely, Raspberry (Persea Books, 2010).
  • Carla Harryman had this to say about “Song for Asa”: “Song for Asa” was published as a broadside in a very limited edition for a reading series in New Orleans. I believe it was also published in a very little magazine that came out Naropa, possibly in about 1999. Other than that it makes an appearance, broken up, in Gardener of Stars, a Novel. Harryman’s “Fish Speech” was published in Memory Play (O Books, 1994) and reprinted in 12 x 12: Conversations in 21st-Century Poetry and Poetics (University of Iowa Press, 2009). “Open Box II” is a selection from her book Open Box: Improvisations (Belladonna Books, 2007). The text of “Song for Asa” is sung by Aurora Josephson. Text for “Open Box II” is read by Carla Harryman and Jon Raskin. Text for “Fish Speech” is read by Aurora Josephson, Jon Raskin, and Roham Sheikhani.
  • Rod Smith’s recording is comprised of  selections from two manuscripts: Snips and War and Pee.
  • Katie Degentesh’s poem is from The Anger Scale (Combo Books, 2006).
  • Ron Silliman’s “OZ” is a portion of his long work The Alphabet (University of Alabama Press, 2008).
  • Leslie Scalapino’s “bum series” can be found in her book Way (North Point Press, 1988).
  • Hannah Weiner’s “Spoke” is from the book of the same name (Sun & Moon, 1984).
  • Marcella Durand’s “Hunt” is unpublished.
  • David Antin’s “Who Are My Friends?” was published in Selected Poems, 1963-1973 (Sun & Moon, 1991).
  • “Mine” features Clark Coolidge reading from his book Mine: The One that Enters the Stories (The Figures, 1981; republished, 2004). From the CD liner notes: “Also heard is Arlan Coolidge, retired chairman of the Brown University Music Department, reminiscing about Block Island, Rhode Island, in 1918 and playing a portion of the popular 1917 song “Smiles” on the violin. This material is mixed with the foghorns of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, all three horns on Block Island, and the foghorn on the Block Island Ferry during its crossing.”
  • Heather Fuller’s “Stricken” was published in her book perhaps this is a rescue fantasy (Edge Books, 1997).

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