Papers for the Border #5

November 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

Original upload date: December 14, 2010

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  1. “It’s Still ’56” (1:45) ~ Richard Buckner ~ Impasse-ette (Overcoat, 2002).
  2. Anti-Sex Anti-Wiretapping (Made in Taiwan)” (12:28) ~ God ~ s/t  (Little Enjoyer / Gameboy, 2005).
  3. “Contextual Part 3” (10:31) ~ AMM ~ Laminal  (Matchless, 1969/82/94).
  4. “Bug Day” (4:58) ~ The Fall ~ The Wonderful and Frightening World of the Fall  (Beggars Banquet, 1984).
  5. “Slide 9” (8:00) ~ AFCGT ~ AFCGT (SubPop, 2010).
  6. “Eclipse” (12:01) ~ Aki Onda ~ Ancient and Modern (Phenomena, 2003).
  7. “Opium War” (7:14) ~ Robert Wyatt ~ Radio Experiment, Rome, February 1981  (Rai Trade, 2009).


Looking back on these songs nine months later, I’m finding it difficult to figure out what I was going for. I remember that the “Anti-Sex…” song was the nucleus; I really wanted to include a part of that sprawling recording. While researching the recording, I came across a review that likened the musicians known as “God,” Leif Erik Sundström & Bryan Eubanks, to another group of improvising musicians near to my heart, AMM. So I decided to throw an AMM recording into the mix, to see how it stood up next to the previous track.

The final two tracks were simply cuts from albums that I had obtained a week or two before putting together the podcast, and thought they were perfect for PftB. The Wyatt track got me thinking about war, and so when I was looking for a short opening song (I was originally going to include the Henry Cow song, “War”), i thought of the Richard Buckner track. Recorded in 2002, but containing, apparently, a much older recording, I believe this is Buckner’s unusually subtle way of making a statement regarding the Iraq War. The AFCGT album was sent to me by a friend, and I found myself fascinated by “Slide 9”.

Why the Fall? Well, The Wonderful & Frightening… had just been re-released in an “omnibus” edition, and I realized that it was the one Fall album I’d never really given a chance. Ever since my discovery of the band around 1994, I’d written this album off as unadventurous and boring. When I’m wrong, I am very wrong. “Bug Day” “goes out to,” as they say — and this episode is dedicated to — Matt O’Neal, a professor of entomology at Iowa State University, and a close friend of mine, as well as my son’s godfather. Matt is in the process of discovering the skewed genius of Mark E. Smith and the Fall.


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