Papers for the Border #3

November 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

Originally uploaded: 9/28/2010

Guided by Voices tribute

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Program (all songs are understood to be written and performed by Guided by Voices). The cover versions will have the performing band’s name in parentheses after the song title.

  1. “Broadcastor House” (1:08) ~ Clown Prince of the Menthol Trailer (Recordhead, 1994).
  2. “June Salutes You” (Sabia Sensivel) (1:33) ~ The Official Ironmen Rally Song  (Matador, 1996).
  3. “Bee Thousand” (1:30) ~ The Grand Hour (Scat, 1994).
  4. “Real” (2:27) ~ Wish in One Hand… (Jass, 1997).
  5. “He’s the Uncle” (1:38) ~ Under the Bushes Under the Stars (2CD UK version) (Matador, 1996).
  6. “Hey Aardvark” (0:51) ~ Static Airplane Jive (City Slang, 1993).
  7. “The Official Ironmen Rally Song ” (The John Candy) (2:48) ~ Under the Bushes Under the Stars (Matador, 1996).
  8. “Echos Myron” (Continental Combo) ~ Bee Thousand (Scat, 1994).
  9. “Red Gas Circle” (1:25) ~ Propeller (Scat, 1993).
  10. “Matter Eater Lad” (1:12) ~ (see #1).
  11. “Rubber Man” (0:34) ~ (see #6).
  12. “Weedking” (Monodecks) (4:17) ~ Propeller (Scat, 1993).
  13. “Sad If I Lost It” (George Belasco e o Cao Andaluz) (4:39) ~ Mag Earwhig! (Matador, 1997).
  14. “Pantherz ” (2:33) ~ Jellyfish Reflector (Jellyfish, 1996).
  15. “Curse of the Black Ass Buffalo” (1:20) ~ I Am a Scientist, (Scat, 1994).
  16. “Grandfather Westinghouse” (2:24) ~ (see #1).
  17. “Johnny Appleseed” (2:21) ~ (see #1).
  18. “Alien Lanes” (2:32) ~  (see #3).
  19. “What About It?” (1:37) ~ Vampire on Titus (Matador, 1994).
  20. Motor Away (Grasiela Piasson) (1:25) ~ Alien Lanes (Matador, 1995).

All songs are by Guided by Voices. All are performed by GbV except for 2, 7, 8, 12, 13, and 20: those are all cover versions from the album Don’t Stop Now: Um Tributo ao Guided By Voices (Transfusão Noise Records), and the artists are listed in parentheses after the song title in each case. The label has the album available for free download at The GbV albums that the cover songs are originally from are listed in the same manner as the others.

This episode was intended to be a tribute to the “classic” era of Guided by Voices (1993-1996), upon discovering that this lineup would be reuniting and playing concerts. A departure from what would be the norm if the podcast had been around long enough to establish such a thing, this episode consisted entirely of GbV songs.

In keeping with the Papers for the Border ethos, the songs contained in this episode are mainly ones that are off the beaten path. Hopefully there will still be some discoveries to be made for the casual GbV fan. Enjoy!



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